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Price fluctuations, estimates and quotations

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edited February 5 in Estimates & quotes

We are frequently asked to provide an estimate for the supply of goods and/or services e.g. overhaul work, international door-to-door shipping etc. Quotations provide the formal quote for the goods and services to be supplied and this represents the amount to be paid. In cases where the cost of shipping is unknown until shipping takes place, an estimate will be included on the invoice and then additional charges or a refund is made against that which was paid.

Prices can fluctuate from estimate-to-estimate depending on the seller's terms. Estimates are not an invitation to offer or supply, however, quotations are, and we will honor quotations (unless expressly revoked) for 7 days from receipt. A Seller may decide to withdraw the item from sale or decide to set a higher price. As part of our brokering services, Yak-aviation always urges against this behaviour as it undermines our professionalism and quality of service targets. It also causes buyer anxiety and rarely leads to an acceptable outcome for the parties concerned - and yet - it can happen.

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