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GDPR and Data Protection

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The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) now in effect and Yak-aviation complies with this European privacy regulation. We are registered with the DPA as Data Controllers and embrace a clear set of terms & conditions of use and data privacy and security measures.

Community forums - in isolation - typically contain a small amount of personal data. How this data is being processed is straightforward and well understood by the community members and Yak-aviation Forums is no exception to this. We do not make use of your data for marketing purposes without first seeking explicit consent. By registering on Yak-aviation Forums, you are not providing this consent, explicitly or implicitly. Please be sure to read the forum terms and conditions of use, which makes it clear how any data is stored and processed.

GDPR protects you, a Yak-aviation Member in the following ways -

Consent: Yak-aviation needs explicit consent based on how we are going to use your personal data. For example, if we were to hand over your community member data to a marketing firm to be used in various ad campaigns, we would first require your consent.

Right to be forgotten (right to erasure): If you ask that we delete all of your personal data, we will comply.

Right to Access: If you ask what personal data we store about you, we will provide an answer about what we have, how we are using it, and be able to provide you with a copy of the data. However, for the purposes of the Yak-aviation Forums, all Members will know explicitly what personal data we have about them since this is what was submitted during registration.

Data portability: The GDPR states that should a member request it, we would need to provide that member with a copy of his/her personal data in a format that is machine readable. This format must be able to be imported into another platform.

Data security: Yak-aviation has an obligation to make sure that it is making reasonable efforts to keep data secure. It uses basic security measures and ensures the community forum is served over HTTPS and that the data is stored and transferred securely.

User Generated Content (UGC) and Personal Data

Yak-aviation reserves the right to retain or delete all UGC within all and any posts as long as the posts do not contain information that identifies the person that is requesting removal. That includes posts with personal data about the requester that was posted by another member. We allow both deleting a member and all their posted content or deleting only the member profile and leaving in place the posts under an anonymized author name. Any personal data about members who have been inactive for 36 months will be removed.

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